Saturday, February 5, 2011

February TUSAL

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I spent the snowstorm at a friends house. When I got home yesterday, there was a drift as tall as my snow shovel to get through. Then I slept.

So finally, now that I've gotten to it, is the Totally Useless StitchALong bowl, with substantially more orts in it than before. There are some scraps of the blue yarn from the hat I finished knitting, some red, and green and blue and white from a tiny ornament that took me days to finish, and some more subtle yellows, brown, purples, etc from much work on a Teresa Wentzler WIP.

What's missing are the orts from the small Daydreams kit I took to the friends house for snowed in stitching.

Pics of new projects and progres since I pulled out the WIPS will appear after I get through the pics of the WIPs themselves.

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  1. A lovely bowl of ORTs!

    I have a little tin box that holds my teeny scissors, needleminder and extra needles. This is a "travel case" to carry with my stitching. I slip my ORTs into the box and deliver them to my ORT jar when I get home. I have even been known to rescue ORT from the floor if I find it has been lost!