Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goal: Exercise

2011: not great with the getting regular exercise.  But I had to do something:  In 2008 when we were training for the Boston Marathon, my friend Ben pointed out a brand new event happening in Jacksonville, Florida.  26.2 with Donna: the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.  They were holding both a marathon and a half marathon in February; the half would be perfect timing for our marathon training.  So three of us went down, escaped from winter and ran 13.1 miles.  Ben and I have been there every year so far and I can't break the streak.

On Sunday I lined up with thousands of other runners.  My usual approach to distance runs is to walk one minute, run for 2-4 minutes, depending on how fit I feel.  With no training in the past year, I wasn't sure if I should even run at all.  I had 7 hours to finish 13.1 miles, which is plenty of time to walk the whole thing.  But it seemed I should work for the medal, so I decide to walk 1 minute, run 1 minute, repeat until I can't do that anymore, then walk the whole thing. It is my tradition to run (well, jog) the mile that takes place on the packed sand of Jacksonville Beach.  So I did that, and ended up maintaining the 1/1 intervals for the whole race.  I finished in 3 hours, 33 minutes and 8 seconds.

My feet hurt.  No surprise there.  But then a new thing happened: my left foot kept hurting, even with advil and ice.  I slept only in snatches all night, trying to make it feel better.  But it still hurt in the morning, so I went to a doctor, just to be sure.  Thank goodness it appears to just be tendonitis, with no fracture.  This is new for me in all the running and biking I have done.  It's now Tuesday night and it still hurts some.

I have a series of shorter races coming up.  I hope I can do them.

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