Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goal: More money. Some teensy progress

The registration and first day of classes deadline passed, ending the possibility that i would change my mind and take more classes rather than apply for jobs.  That's kind of an oops.  I would have preferred to make that choice more actively rather than think the deadline was 1/30 when it was really 1/23.  There was a moment of considering that I still had time, because the late registration deadline had not passed and I had only missed the first week of classes.  Then I considered that I was out of the habit of thinking of myself as a student, and would not easily switch gears.  So I stuck to the plan that having a job is better than continuing to take classes which, while fascinating, are draining my savings and I'm no longer taking them seriously enough that I remember any material past the exam.

It has been a month since I got home after Christmas.  Here is the sum total of progress toward getting a new job:

1. I have looked at one university's job posting board and entered my profile information, and basic education and employment history to the account I created there.   THis is a step forward, because normally I have looked at that board but not created an account.

2. I have browsed craigslist enough to believe that there are jobs that might be interesting.

3. I have considered whether I want to do straight biology or computational biology.  Computational would combine my original degree with the new studies, but I am afraid it would lead to the same uninspired miserable feelings that corporate application programming led to.  Straight bio would not pay as well and has the possibility of my losing interest in doing lab work after it becomes routine.  Also, what if I got sloppy and ruined someone's years of research?

4.  I opened my last resume, changed the education section, and attempted to add my last job.  Of course, it has been 18 months since I did that job and it wasn't all that interesting in the first place.  So I've forgotten all the description and jargon to include.  Oh well.  I guess the important part is that I was employed there.

I think the most important thing I need is a cover letter explaining how the resume of a database developer and application programmer fits with a job posting for an entry level research assistant.

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