Friday, January 28, 2011

WIP #2

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This is Pastel Hearts Bellpull by the Kreinik company from the April 1998 issue of Just Cross Stitch. There's DMC cotton floss, satin floss, and perle cotton, as well as Kreinik gold braid and filament, pluss some white Mill Hill beads.. The original is in pinks and silvery filaments. I changed the colors to green and gold after the colors in the invitation to a coworker's wedding and I added their initials and wedding date. By the time the wedding happened, I had just left the company and that was the last time I saw those coworkers.

I intended to finish it as an oval box. I have the green satin box and the insert for the lid, as well as some dark green backing fabric to show off the cutwork. It wasn't done for the wedding. Eventually it got packed away. I wasn't particularly close to the couple, but it made a good excuse to stitch this cute little piece. I could still finish it.
I wonder if I could even find the couple it was meant for "Hey, long time no see! Still married? Good. Here's the present I meant to give you back then. Ta!"

Or I could pick out the initials and date and make it for myself or someone else. I notice that while the initials fill out the oval shape at the bottom, the top is very flat. and might be a bit nicer with something added just over the dark green line at the top.

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