Thursday, January 13, 2011

A week in review

Since it's been a week since I posted and since not talking about it will probably lead to falling off the life improvement wagon less than 2 weeks into a new year...

Crafting:  no cross stitch yet, but I'm about 4 rows (of 400 stitches) from the finish of the hat I've been knitting for a while. Also failed to visit the dedicated cross stitch store that is nearest to me.  The website said they were open M-F, but the sign on the door said closed Mondays.  Ah well. There was an interesting consignment shop there (clothes and household goods)  Maybe a place for getting rid of stuff?  Still, 30 minute drive, so not that convenient.

Cleaning: You wouldn't know it, but yes.  The forces of chaos gave me a flooding bathroom over the weekend, so there's been a lot of mopping, laundry, etc. to clean.  Unfortunately the rest of the house has suffered and all the boxes and things that had to be moved to vacuum the water out of the carpet makes the place look horrible.

Exercising: Snow shoveling counts, but I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't had to move my car for the plow guy.  I'd still be staying inside, with 18 inches giving me the excuse never to leave again. I may do something crazy this weekend.

Money: Mad scramble to keep all the bills paid this week.  But the most I did toward maybe getting a job was browse the same websites I've browsed before.  I need to look at my resume and see if there is any way to turn 15 years of programming into something that says I don't want to be a programmer anymore.

Watching: Three Hugh Grant movies that were in the queue have been seen.  I'm apparently in the mood for witty romance.

People: I went to see the play my friend stars in.  That's a plus.  But I mostly didn't talk to anyone else, not even the other friends of his who I sort of know.

Total: mixed, somewhat positive review. Didn't break a lot of habits, but did include some things I wanted to include.

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