Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, new blog

We won't call these resolutions.  I've been thinking that my life needs more:
  • Crafting. Cross stitch and knitting, maybe sewing, probably other things
  • Exercise.  Completely out of shape since my year of monthly half marathons ended in 2009.
  • Cleaning.  I live alone, and don't like visitors in my space.  But I am happier when stuff doesn't pile up too much.  This includes sorting my stuff and getting rid of things.
  • Reading, Watching, Playing.  I have piles of boos to read, movies to watch, Wii and DS games to play.  I've spent the money to get them, I should get the enjoyment of using them 
  • People.  This may mean dating.  It may just mean talking to friends and family.  I'm too hermity right now.
  • Cooking.  Again with the live alone.  Too much frozen food an restaurants.  Cooking is fun and usually cheaper than the aforementioned approaches to food.  
  • Money.  Getting a job in biology with or without computers.  Or getting a student loan fast.  Probably the first. Probably not marrying rich or engineering an inheritance.
This probably means having less:
  • Internet doodling. Farmville and random blog refreshing can be replaced with crafting and cleaning etc.
  • Sleep. Not having a fixed schedule and not interacting with many people means I go to sleep whenever I feel like it.  It seems like a lot.
  • Reruns. TV, movies, books, games I've already done will probably not get watched, read, played again.  Unless I really want to.
This blog is public.  It has to be for some of the accountability I will be signing up for.  I'm sort of worried about that.  If it becomes a problem, then I'll take a new approach.

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