Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Storyteller progress as of 2/28/11

Here's the second progress picture since the beginning of the year. The first progress post is here. At the end of February, I had done quite a lot of stitching. This was instead of cleaning and getting a job, so not exactly a win for me. But good for fleshing out this picture.

The emergency corner motif is not so out of place now.

The straight lines of the inside of the border went pretty quickly, but I'm not so sure how the rest of the border will go. There are about 29 knots, each using 3 shades of their own color, plus 4 shades of gold and brown. That's a lot of color changes. Then there are the 4 big corner motifs, one of which is complete. Five colors in each one.

Really no worse than the rest of the picture. That has its own set of color changes and confetti stitching.

The distant castle is beginning to have actual spires.

The dragon's tail has a bit of a swoop, but is still mostly confetti dots.  Without backstitching, the foot is difficult to make out from the grass or moss or dirt it is standing on.

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