Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cross Stitch warm up

Snow greeting card
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This is the piece I stitched to remind myself what cross stitch was all about. All my stash was still packed away in boxes, but there was this little greeting card/ornament kit that I picked up for like 10 cents in a Michaels or JoAnns clearance sale.

Tiny thing. Fewer than 10 colors. And still it took me two and a half full days of stitching in January to finish. That recalibrated my expectations right away.

Generally I don't do such small projects. There are Wentzlers and Lavender and Lace and Dimensions Gold kits and anything with a full page chart in any of the decades worth of magazines to be done. This time, this was the kit in front of me and it was fully worth doing. I've bought a few more for travel projects and interstitial stitching. So maybe a few more finishes this year.

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